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China exporter graphite electrode sales

China exporter graphite electrode sales, Rongsheng kiln refractory, as China's refractory production and sales, has been engaged in export for more than ten years. Provide high-quality refractory products and graphite electrode products for Chinese and foreign customers.

rs graphite electrode

We rely on advanced production equipment, strong technical force, complete quality, testing methods and strict system. The graphite products produced in RS have the characteristics of high strength, good thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, strong oxidation resistance and low electrical resistivity. So we provide various types of graphite products for the chemical industry, petroleum industry, electronics industry, semiconductor industry, steelmaking, foundries, powder metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, glass industry,etc.

rs graphite electrode

UHP Graphite Electrodes Manufacturer

All kinds of high quality graphite electrode products sales in RS Kiln Refractory Company, such as regular power/RP graphite electrode, high power/HP graphite electrode, ultra high power/UHP graphite electrode, graphite product, high purity graphite powder, high purity graphite block, graphite blocks, graphite powder, graphite crucibles and other graphite related products. Besides, we can also customize a variety of shaped graphite electrodes products according to our customer’s needs and requirements.

Rongsheng kiln refractory materials are reliable and quality guaranteed. And we provide construction of the refractory project. Our graphite electrode products are also increasing in annual sales, and customers are ordering in advance.

Rongsheng kiln refractory products and graphite electrode product price consultation mailbox, quick quote, please leave a message at the bottom of the page.

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