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Graphite electrode Latest price

Graphite electrode price has been receiving much attention. With such an upward trend for a long time, it is not known whether the price of graphite electrode will continue to rise.

The price of UHP Graphite Electrodes depends on the market demand and the price of the raw materials required for production.

graphite electrode raw material

Graphite electrode, mainly uses petroleum coke, needle coke as raw material, coal pitch as binder, is made through calcination, ingredients, kneading, molding, baking, graphitization and machining, which is released electricity in electric arc furnace in the form of arc conductor to heat and melt furnace charge.

graphite electrode process flow

In addition, the price of the graphite electrode is also related to the quality of the graphite electrode. The quality requirements of ultra-high power graphite electrodes are relatively high and their prices are also.

It has the characteristics of low resistivity, good conductivity, low ash, uniform and compact structure, good oxidation resistance and high mechanical strength. Ultra high power graphite electrodes refer to graphite electrodes that allow the use of current densities greater than 25 A / cm2. Ultra high power graphite electrode is mainly used in ultra-high power electric furnace and ladle furnace.

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