Alkali Resistance Bricks

Alkali Resistance Bricks

1.Non reactive with acids,
2.Light in weight,
3.Crack free finishing,
4.Smooth texture,
5.Available in beautiful patterns,
6.Offered in varying dimensions,
7.Strength and stability.

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Alkali Resistance Bricks Introduce
Alkali-resistance brick is a kind of low alumina brick, the Al2O3 content is 30-25%, the main material is low alumina refractory clay, it is a kind of silica-alumina series refractory products with good alkali erosion resistance performance in cement kiln system.
Alkali Resistance Bricks Technical Data
Items Ordinary Type High-strength type Insulation type Vault type
Al2O3  % 25-30 25-30 25-30 30-35
Fe2O3  % 2 2 2 2
SiO2  % 65-70 65-70 60-70 60-65
Refractoriness  (°C) 1650 1650 1650 1710
Bulk Density g/cm3  ≥ 2.15 2.25 1.65 2.2
Apparent Porosity  %  ≤ 21 20 35 21
Cold Crushing Strength MPa≥ 35 60 15 35
Refractoriness Under Load °C ≥ 1350 1300 1250 1400
thermal conductivity  W/m.  (350°C±10°C)TC 1.28 1.28 0.7 1.28
Application Large and medium dry-process kiln,decomposing furnace, etc.
 Application of Alkali Resistance Bricks

1. Preheater equipment
2. Metallurgy furnace
3. Transfer zone of cement rotary kiln
4. Burning zone of cement rotary kiln
5. Other thermal equipment


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