Zircon Brick

Zircon Brick

Strong slag resistance,
The coefficient of thermal expansion is small,
High abrasion resistance,
Good thermal shock resistance.

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Zircon Bricks Introduction

Zircon bricks, short of zircon refractory bricks, called as zirconium bricks, also refer to ordinary zircon bricks. Zircon bricks are usually fired by using zircon as the main raw material and adding a suitable sintering agent (the most common one is refractory clay). Sometimes, in order to improve the performance of zircon bricks, special components such as high alumina bauxite, fused corundum or chromium oxide are added to make special zircon bricks.

Zircon Bricks Features

Zircon refractory brick is an acidic refractory material. Its basic characteristics are: excellent corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity decreases with increasing temperature, and load softening temperature is high (nearly 1500 ° C).

In addition,

Zircon bricks have high refractoriness and are not easily dissolved by chemical attack of slag;
Zircon refractory bricks have good corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance to slag and molten steel.

Zircon Brick Manufacturing Process

Clay-bound zircon products can be made using a semi-dry process. 2% plastic clay is added to the zircon sand and zircon fine powder, and the performance of the mud is adjusted by electrolyte. The mud was kneaded and molded under a pressure of 127 MPa (molding moisture was 4%). After the brick body was dried, it was baked at a temperature of 1400 °C.

Zircon Brick Manufacturing Process

When a pure zircon product is produced, the zircon fine powder can be surface-activated. The zircon sand and the zircon fine powder having a particle size of less than 0.03 mm are compounded in a ratio of 1:1. The slurry is prepared by adding water or sulfite pulp waste. After kneading, molding (molding moisture 4.5%), and firing at 1450 ° C.

Application of Zircon Bricks

Based on the characteristics of Rongsheng Kiln Refractory zircon bricks and the preparation process, zircon bricks are often used in masonry steel ladle (ladle) lining, high temperature induction furnace lining, and aluminum smelting furnace bottom. It can also be used in severely damaged parts of glass kiln.

Zircon Bricks Physical and Chemical Indicators

Zircon Bricks Physical and Chemical Indicators
Physical Properties Chemical Composition / %
Refractoriness / ℃ >1790 ZrO2 66.02
Refractoriness Under Load /℃, (0.2MPa) T1: >1620 SiO2 32.96
T2: >1700 Al2O3 0.60
Bulk Density / g/cm3 3.51 - 3.67 TiO2 0.25
Apparent Porosity / % 20.4 - 24 Fe2O3 0.23
Cold Crushing Strength / MPa 114 - 117 CaO -
Thermal Expansion / % 0.42 MgO -


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