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Composition and performance of harden press-in repair materials

The main raw materials for hard press-in repairing materials are coke gems, bauxite, clay, silicon carbide and carbon materials. If water-based binders are used, they are suitable for medium and small blast furnaces. For large blast furnaces, phenolic resin binders are often used for safety and efficiency, and to improve the utilization efficiency of the repairing materials.

The application effect of blast furnace pressure feed is mainly affected by the following factors:

(1) The material should have good fluidity and will not solidify during the process of entering the furnace;

(2) The material should have good bonding properties with the substrate;

(3) It has good thermal stability at high temperature and does not crack;

In view of the above factors, the main raw materials for the hard press materials are coke sapphire and bauxite, fine powders with particle sizes of 3~1 mm, 1~0 mm and less than 0.076 mm, in order to increase the wear resistance and heat of the materials. Stable energy, adding silicon carbide and carbon graphite materials.



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