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What are the requirements for the construction of refractory castables in summer and winter?

In the summer and winter, the temperature is too high or too low. What are the requirements for refractory castables to be applied under such temperature conditions?

The water temperature and material temperature used in the construction of refractory castables should be controlled below 30 °C to ensure the performance of refractory castables.

In summer, the air temperature is generally greater than 30 ° C. After the sun exposure, the castables need to be cooled before use. It is best to choose the summer morning or evening construction, which not only ensures the performance of the refractory castable, but also prevents the staff from heatstroke.

In winter, the requirement for construction of refractory castables is that the ambient temperature must be controlled at -5 to +5 °C. If the temperature is lower than -5 °C, measures against cold should be taken. The dry material should be stored in the heating room first, and stirred with hot water. The temperature of the castable after stirring should be controlled above 10 °C. Note: At this time, do not add additional chemical accelerators and antifreeze.

In different seasons, the construction requirements of castables are also different. Therefore, we must pay attention to the temperature when laying the castables.

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