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How to improve the service life of ladle refractories?

The main measures to improve the service life of ladle refractories are:

(1) Select a refractory material that is resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, and thermal shock as the lining of the ladle.

(2) Correctly select and match refractory materials to achieve balanced building.

(3) Understand the performance of the selected refractory materials, and rationally formulate the conditions for the use of ladle, such as the formulation of the baking system.

(4) Accelerate the use cycle of ladle as much as possible to achieve ”hot steel ladle” work.

(5) In the damaged part of the lining refractory, the spray treatment shall be carried out in time.

Rongsheng kiln refractory materials provide refractory bricks, refractory castables, thermal insulation materials, etc. for ladle furnaces, and provide technical guidance for masonry work.

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