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The main reasons and countermeasures for damaging the cold end refractory brick of rotary kiln

Clinker burning is an important part of cement production, affecting cement clinker production, quality, various consumption, and cement manufacturing costs, ultimately affecting the economic benefits of enterprises.

The rotary kiln is the main thermal equipment for clinker burning. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the damage of the cold end refractory brick of the rotary kiln, which helps us solve this problem well.

Analysis of the causes of damage to the cold end refractory brick of rotary kiln

1.1 compressive stress damage

1.2 block brick ring setting is not reasonable

1.3 Refractory brick masonry is not standardized

1.4 The process operation system is not strict

2 countermeasures

2.1 Reduce the compressive stress damage. Choose an adjustable pad to ensure the best clearance.

2.2 The brick block setting should be scientific and reasonable.
The brick block should be placed 2.0M away from the center line of the belt to prevent damage caused by the elliptical force generated by the ovalization during the operation of the rotary kiln.

2.3 Bricklaying should be standardized.

2.4 Strict drying kiln and cold kiln system.
The kiln system performs the kiln operation according to a certain heating curve. The cold kiln process should ensure a certain holding time, and the minimum insulation (natural cooling) after stopping the kiln should be more than 8H. If the rotary kiln with heat insulation material is used, the holding time should be extended appropriately.

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