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The characteristics of the ladle refining furnace

LF, Ladle Furnace, is called "钢包炉" in Chinese.

The ladle furnace refining method is characterized in that the refining function of the electric arc furnace is transferred to a ladle, including desulfurization, inert gas agitation, molten steel heating, alloying and composition adjustment.

The oxygen and sulfur in the steel can be greatly reduced, the molten steel composition is accurate, the temperature is uniform, and the inclusions are fully floated, thereby producing steel with high purity and narrow composition range.

The same point of the LF furnace arc heating system and the steelmaking electric furnace is that the arc generated between the three graphite electrodes and the molten steel is used as a heat source.

The difference is that the LF furnace is molten molten steel, has no melting period, and is submerged arc operation, so the current fluctuation is small, and a low secondary voltage can be used.

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