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Reuse of waste refractories

The performance of recycled refractory products can be close to or reach the level of new products, and some even reach the high level quality refractories. Therefore, research on the reuse of waste refractories is very meaningful.

At present, China consumes about 8 million tons of refractory materials every year, and the waste refractory materials are more than 3 million tons. These waste refractories can be obtained with high value refractory raw materials if they are sorted and processed.

With these processed recycled materials, not only can high-quality unshaped refractories be produced, but also high-quality shaped products can be regenerated. Moreover, the performance of these products can be close to or reach the level of the original product, and some can exceed the level of the original product.

This not only saves the country's mineral resources and energy, but also reduces environmental pollution and greatly reduces the cost of refractory materials.

All countries in the world have fully realized that waste refractory materials are cheap renewable resources, which can significantly improve the economic and social benefits of enterprises, and the recycling of waste refractory materials is also a contribution to environmental protection, and strives for zero emission development.

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