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refractory mortar

Refractory mortar, also known as fire mortar or joint material, is a powder. Used as a joint material for masonry of refractory products. According to the material, it can be divided into clay, high-aluminum, siliceous and magnesia refractory mortar.

Refractory mortar, consisting of refractory powder, binder and admixture. Almost all refractory materials can be made into powders for the preparation of refractory clay.

Refractory clinker powder, adding appropriate amount of plastic clay as a binder and plasticizer, can be made into ordinary refractory mortar, Its normal temperature strength is low, and it forms a ceramic bond at high temperature to have higher strength.

Refractory clinker powder, adding a hydraulic, gas-hard or thermosetting bonding material as a bonding agent, is called chemical bonding refractory mortar, A certain chemical reaction occurs before the formation of the ceramic bonding temperature to harden.

The particle size of the refractory mortar is selected according to the requirements of use, and the ultimate particle size is generally less than 1 mm, and some are less than 0.5 mm or less.

The choice of refractory mortar material should be considered in accordance with the material of the refractory product of the masonry. In addition to the jointing material, the refractory mortar can also be used as a protective coating for the lining by smearing or spraying.

The applied industries are: metallurgy, building materials, machinery, petrochemical, glass, boiler, electricity, steel, cement, etc.

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