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Masonry program for the mold casting bottom plate

(1) Clean the steel residue in the bottom tank and check if the bottom plate is normal.

(2) Firstly build the center bricks 3 to 6, the brick surface is flush with the bottom plate and aligned with the six flow steel channels. Then fix the center brick, can't be skewed, can't build high.

(3) Then, build the flow steel bricks on both sides of the center brick to ensure that the position of the center brick does not move, then build the liquid steel channel bricks one by one, and the tail of each liquid steel channel is tightly packed with broken bricks to prevent loosening.

(4) The flow steel should be laid before the test, and then build up after trial. The joint mud should be applied evenly and the mud should not be squeezed into the liquid steel channel.

(5) After the masonry is completed, the sieved dry fire bricks are filled with the mud material and compacted from the back to the gap between the bottom plate and the liquid steel channel. Finally, clean the bottom plate for the final inspection.

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