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Low cement castable integral casting

Low cement castable are developed based on common castables using rheological principles, tightest packing theory and ultra-fine powder technology. They are high-tech refractories.

It has the characteristics of low porosity, small pore size, high density, good volume stability, high strength and small water addition, and overcomes the characteristic that the strength of ordinary castable drops significantly at temperatures of 800-1200 ° C, and with temperature rises, so that the thermal shock resistance of the furnace body can be more than doubled.

Low cement castable refer to castable with lower cement usage. The amount of cement used for refractory cement castable is generally 15% to 20%, and the amount of cement used for low cement castable is about 5%, and some even decrease to 1% to 2%.

The purpose of reducing the amount of cement is to improve the fire resistance of the castable.

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