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Improvement measures for damage of refractory lining of CDQ

In the CDQ unit, the refractory material is mainly used for the parts of the dry quenching tank, the primary dust collector and the boiler to be washed and worn.

In the initial stage, the refractory material used in the working surface layer of the CDQ furnace and the primary dust collector is a high-strength clay brick. From the operating situation, the refractory bricks in the ramp zone and the cooling section are broken, dropped and worn seriously. The annual normal maintenance can no longer guarantee the need for production of CDQ.

Therefore, in recent years, the material of the CDQ refractory material has been improved.

The chute zone uses aluminum-silicon-based materials and silicon nitride-bonded silicon carbide bricks with more thermal shock resistance. Through the abrasion resistance test, it was found that the mullite-silicon carbide brick (SCBM) which was formed by high-pressure molding and high-temperature sintering with a special binder was used as a substitute for the cooling chamber mullite brick (BM).

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