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Graphite electrodes export - detection precautions before shipment

After the graphite electrode is produced, it needs to be tested before it can be shipped. Especially when doing the export business of graphite electrodes, the detection of graphite electrodes before shipment is an important part. The sales manager of Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Materials listed the matters needing attention in the inspection of the graphite electrode export business before shipment. I hope these can help you avoid unnecessary troubles.

Graphite electrodes export - detection precautions before shipment:

1. Before opening the package, blow off the dust on the outside of the electrode barrel and the joints with air pump or other equipment, especially at the thread, no debris.

outer packaging should be cleaned

The surface of the outer packaging should be cleaned and free of snow and other debris or dust.

2. Weigh the weight of the single electrode and the joint and take a picture. The photo shows the weighing result, the weighing equipment, and the sample weighed.

3. measuring resistance, diameter (200-205mm) length (1750-1850), the same photo should reflect the measurement results, measuring instrument ruler and vernier caliper, and the sample to be tested.


Weigh, measure length, measure resistance, display the physical and reading of the graphite electrode.

4. If there are electrodes that are obviously beyond the required diameter, length, resistance, or sputum, scars, etc. on the outer surface, they need to be picked out for replacement.

5. when packing, you need to add a few more steel strips, the rivets at the joints of the wooden strips should be tightened. The last time the packaging was rusted, the rivets were not tight and just arrived at the port.

packing with rivets & strips.

Packing with rivets & strips, to prevent the package from being accidentally spread out.

6. After the packaging is completed, it is necessary to measure the length, width and height of the whole packaged tray, and take a picture. The photo should reflect the reading of the ruler. This is what the customs needs, it is very important.

7. the hoe should be covered, nailed on the square boards at the left and right ends, write the total number and sub-number, net weight and gross weight, and finally all goods should be weighed, weigh the total weight and provide the number.


Label the packaged electrodes and fill the contents.

Rongsheng Kiln Refractories hope that every customer can receive the graphite electrode products that they are satisfied with. We are happy to accept your suggestions for improvement, Email:

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