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Composition and function of refractory lining of ladle

The masonry of the ladle lining refractory is generally three layers: insulation layer, permanent layer and working layer.

1. The insulation layer is in close contact with the shell steel plate, and its function is to prevent heat and prevent deformation of the ladle casing.
In order to reduce the thermal conductivity of the ladle wall lining, an insulating layer is usually laid between the permanent layer of the ladle and the cladding.

2, the role of the permanent layer is that when the working layer refractory material is partially eroded or has been eroded very thin, to prevent leakage of molten steel to burn the metal shell, extend the service life of the ladle metal shell, reduce the consumption of refractory material.

3, the working layer refractory material, direct contact with molten steel and steel slag, bearing the mechanical erosion of molten steel and steel slag and high temperature chemical erosion. The working layer is the most important layer in the ladle lining.

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