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Baking requirements for casting the entire pouring basket lining

(1) In the stage of 110~150°C, a large amount of free water can be eliminated, and the temperature needs to be slowly increased, and the baking operation is performed by using a slight fire and a stable fire.

(2) In the stage of 300-400 °C, remove more than 80% of cement hydrated crystal water and produce slight shrinkage. At this time, it is necessary to use medium heat and slowly heat up to prevent cracking.

(3)The baking temperature increase rate requirements are as follows:

Temperature Range (°C) Normal ~ 150 150 150 ~ 350 350 350 ~ 600 > 600
Temperature Rising Rrate (°C/h) 20 - 30 - 30 -
Soaking Time (h) 8 24 8 24 8 16

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