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Alkaline refractory brick for cement rotary kiln

Alkaline refractory bricks are mainly used in cement rotary kiln firing belts and upper and lower transition belts. The alkaline refractory material is mainly a refractory material mainly composed of magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide and calcium oxide or calcium oxide. Usually such refractory materials have the characteristics of high refractoriness and strong resistance to alkaline slag.

The main types of commonly used alkaline refractories are magnesium and dolomite.

The main varieties and physical and chemical properties of alkaline refractory bricks should meet the requirements of the following table.

Main performance table of alkaline refractory brick
Refractory Bbrick Type CCS (MPa) Refractoriness Under Load (To。C) Thermal Shock Resistance (Cycle) Executive standard
Magnesia iron spinel brick / magnesium iron aluminum spinel brick / magnesium aluminum iron spinel brick ≥50 ≥1650 950℃, Air Cooling ≥100; 1100℃, Water Quenching ≥6 -
Magnesia iron spinel brick ≥40 ≥1650 950℃, Air Cooling ≥100; 1100℃, Water Quenching ≥6 JC/T 2036
Dolomite brick ≥35 ≥1650 950℃, Air Cooling ≥100 -
Magnesia dolomite brick ≥50 ≥1650 950℃, Air Cooling ≥100 -
Magnesium calcium zirconium brick ≥50 ≥1650 950℃, Air Cooling ≥100 -

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