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Why are large iron hook castables not suitable for small and medium sized blast furnaces?

The large blast furnace tapping groove adopts Al203-SiC-C material castable, which has safety, long service life, low consumption and convenient construction and maintenance, and has made great contributions to the stable production of blast furnace.

Although it can extend the life of the iron sump of a large blast furnace, it cannot meet the construction requirements of small and medium sized blast furnaces with single tapping.

First of all, the castable construction and baking time is long, and it is impossible to use the small and medium-sized blast furnace with only a single iron gate.

Secondly, the medium and small blast furnaces with single iron outlets need to be repaired quickly, and the construction time should not be greater than the interval between each tapping (about 40~60 min).

This type of demand is harsh, and cement-bonded castables cannot be used at all.

Therefore, the cement combined with castables and rapid repair technology that can be applied in the hot state, rapidly heated without bursting, is the need to meet the rapid construction and long service life of the medium and small blast furnace iron trenches.

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