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What refractory materials can be used in gas boiler?

Gas boiler are more economical than other fuels. At present, commonly used refractories on boiler wall are:

Clay refractory bricks (use temperature 1350 ° C ~ 1400 ° C);

Lightweight clay refractory brick (use temperature 1150 ° C ~ 1400 ° C);

Red brick (using temperature 700 ° C);

Clay refractory clay (refractoriness 1750 ° C);

Refractory concrete (refractoriness 900 ° C ~ 1350 ° C).

Insulation materials include diatomite brick, asbestos powder, vermiculite products, cement perlite, slag cotton, and the like.

The various mortars used for bricklaying are generally configured as ready-made materials by the refractory material factory, but they can also be prepared on site.

Rongsheng kiln refractory material can provide refractory materials, thermal insulation materials and various mortars for gas boiler.

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