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What is the difference between graphite electrodes and carbon rods?

The difference between graphite electrodes and carbon rods is that the former is mainly made of graphite and the latter is made of carbon.

The graphite electrode is a mixture of natural graphite, petroleum coke and pitch coke, and is subjected to high temperature graphitization treatment, and the whole composition of the material is graphite;

The composition of the carbon rod is also carbon, but it does not contain graphite. The sintering temperature after molding is only 1000 degrees, and there is no graphitization process.

The main difference:

The graphite electrode component is mainly graphitized carbon, has good electrical conductivity and high strength at high temperature, and is suitable for high temperature smelting.

The main component of the carbon rod is free carbon, which does not have electrical conductivity, is resistant to high pressure and corrosion, and has low strength.

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