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What are the preparations for the use of refractory for mold casting?

(1) Brick selection.

Any defective bricks that exceed the standard requirements such as cracks, blisters, fire smashes, ribs, corners, distortions, uneven end faces, missing sub-ports, looseness, and excessive dimensional tolerances are not used.

(2) Brush bricks.

The inner working surface of the brick that meets the standard requirements must be cleaned with a steel brush to remove the ash.

Then, according to the variety, the date code is placed in the baking kiln.

(3) Baking.

The brick for molding must be baked in a baking kiln at 80-160 ° C for 48 hours, and the moisture content in the brick is ≤ 0.3%.

(4) Hoop.

The funnel brick C2 should be tightened with iron hoop before use to prevent cracking when pouring steel.

Notice:The bricks in the text, unless otherwise specified, refer to refractory bricks.

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