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What are the causes of breakout accidents in the bottom plate?

Possible reasons for the breakout accident in the bottom plate: the molten steel temperature is too high; the molten steel is too oxidized; the quality of refractory materials such as refractory bricks is not good; the quality of ladle masonry is not good; excessive use of ladle causes severe refractory erosion and breakout.

Specifically, there may be the following reasons:

(1) The joints of the liquid steel pipe bricks are not strictly.

(2) The liquid steel pipe bricks are higher than the plane of the bottom plate, and is crushed by steel ingot mold and gate casting.

(3) The liquid steel pipe brick has poor rapidly heat resistance and bursts.

(4) The interface between the bottom brick and the tail brick is not strict, and the bottom surface of the steel ingot is deformed.

(5) The interface of the fountain is not strict, causing the bursting, and the hot sand filling is not full.

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