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Unshaped refractory castable surface cracking


Unshaped refractory castables have irregular cracks on the surface after casting and demoulding. Is there any additive that can be changed?



The causes of cracks on the surface of the refractory castable after casting are:

1. The grading of the refractory castable is not suitable. The difference between the large granule and the small granule is too large, which may cause uneven distribution of vibration fluidity.

2. There is no reasonable distribution of the vibration time of the vibration part, which causes the vibration time in some places to be long, the vibration time of some parts is short, and the vibration of the casting material is uneven.

3. After casting, tapping the refractory castable during demoulding may cause surface cracking.

4. The binder selected for the refractory castable is not suitable.

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