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How to calculate the amount of Chequer Firebrick needed for the hot blast stove grid matched with the blast furnace?

The blast furnace has a cold air flow of 3,480 and three hot air furnaces. The air supply time is 45 minutes and the average air temperature is 1170.
How many hot blast stove Chequer Firebricks are needed?

Hot blast stove brick is a heat carrier and heat storage body, which is characterized by stable volume, high temperature load creep performance, high density and low porosity.

The purpose of using the Chequer Firebricks in the hot blast stove is to homogenize the hot air. When the hot air temperature is lower than 900 °C, the clay brick is generally used; when the wind temperature is higher than 900 °C, the Chequer Firebrick is made of high alumina brick, mullite brick, silicon bricks, etc.

The amount of Chequer Firebricks used in the hot blast stove is calculated according to the volume of the hot blast stove and the masonry requirements.

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