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Niger Former Premier visits Rongsheng Industrial Group

On the morning of January 22, 2019, Mr. Amadou Boubacar CISSÉ(the Former Premier of The Republic of Niger) visited overseas sales department of Rongsheng Group, accompanied with him was his advisor Mr. George.

Former Premier of Niger visited Rongsheng Group

Our Chairman Mr. Chu and Interpreter Mrs. Li warmly welcomed Mr. Amadou Boubacar CISSÉ.

After that, our interpreter Mrs. Li and other reception personnel leading them to visit the Rongsheng Group.

First they visited our refractory products samples (firebrick, insulating brick, refractory castable and so on) room. Mrs. Li introduced them our hot-sale high grade products such as AZS bricks, corundum bricks and so on in detail. Mr. Amadou Boubacar CISSÉ asked some questions referring to our international market, annual export capacity and the application of different grades of firebricks. He highly praised the manufacturing technology and the products quality.

Former Premier of Niger visited Rongsheng Group

Then Mrs. Li showed him around our working office, Mr. Amadou Boubacar CISSÉ had great interest in the flags hung on the roof of our office, as a matter of fact, he was looking for the national flag of his country. He also showed great interest in the online sales pattern and asked what platforms we were using for our international business, he thought this model could be applied in his country to promote the economy.

Former Premier of Niger visited Rongsheng Group Former Premier of Niger visited Rongsheng Group

Finally, our chairman Mr. Chu talked with Mr. Amadou Boubacar CISSÉ happily and Mr. Amadou Boubacar CISSÉ said it was a nice visit to Rongsheng Group.

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