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Customers visit Rongsheng's cordierite mullite production line

On January 2, 2019, our cordierite mullite production line ushered in the first customer in 2019. Under the leadership of our Rongsheng technical director and sales manager, the customer visited Rongsheng's cordierite mullite production line.

customer visit Rongsheng

The cordierite mullite brick produced by Rongsheng kiln has excellent refractoriness, good thermal shock resistance, high softening temperature, small expansion coefficient and long service life. This product is widely used in light industrial ceramics (tunnel kiln bricks, raceway kiln, pusher kiln, pusher kiln furniture, various specifications of enamel) and other kiln, instead of clay, high alumina materials. Customers who have used cordierite mullite refractories say that the products are good.

The customer visited our cordierite mullite slabs and communicated with our technical engineers to get a detailed understanding of cordierite products.

customer visit Rongsheng

Usually, talc α-Al2O3 and Suzhou soil are used to produce cordierite refractory materials with high thermal shock resistance; talc, clay and alumina are used to produce ordinary heat-resistant earthquake-resistant cordierite refractory bricks.


The billet composition with the best thermal shock resistance is in the region of the oblique hard pyroxene and cordierite of the Al2O3-MgO-SiO2 ternary system, and the sintering range is narrow. The billet composed of kaolin and 10% to 30% talc has a sintering range of 90 to 240℃; when the talc content is 40% to 70%, the sintering range is drastically reduced to 10 to 30℃.

Rongsheng kiln refractory provide customers with cordierite mullite refractory products, which are mostly used in sheds, storage slabs, slabs, perforated plates, push plates and palm bricks of the ceramic industry. Welcome new and old customers to make suggestions and product reservations.

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